Michele Capobianco

I am a Future Thinker!

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Innovation Management

& Technology Transfer

Multi-year experience in R&D, product development, and project management in a variety of technology sectors (LI Logo). The right support to your technological challenges whenever you need to investigate the future-proof development of new products, new services, and new businesses.

Inspiring Objective

Present Activities

IoT-Edge-Cloud Continuum

The seamless integration of IoT, of Edge computing, of Cloud computing, and of distributed Storage, enables the proper orchestration of advanced Processing Services and of Digital Twins.

6G & the Intelligent Internet of Intelligent Things

Intelligent network to guarantee Quality of Service and Quality of Experience. Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity to enable a safe implementation.

Fuel Cells & Hydrogen

Focusing on the design, prototyping, and testing of new energy systems.

Technology Intelligence

Technology intelligence is crucial for businesses to thrive in today’s digital, global environment. Technology monitoring and technology information management help make timely and informed decisions.

Additional Interests & Past Activities

Cargo Drones for regional scale transport services

Exploiting the third dimension of transport with a focus on coastal, rural, and remote areas.

Internet of Things

IoT plays a fundamental role to support Digital Transformation projects as well as to enable new processes and new services in Business Transformation projects.

Marine Technologies

Ready to support Blue Growth Initiatives for a sustainable use of Marine Resources...

Coastal Morphodynamics

We have a lot to learn looking at how sand moves...

Climate Change

Do we have enough tools to limit or counteract Climate Change? Yes, we do...